Who Are the Castaways?

All the grandkidlets My desire to write books about children came when I was a very busy young mother. Throughout my life I had always loved writing in my journals. After I was married, I wrote about my children and the spiritual and amazing times that occurred with them, some even before they were born. If I had spiritual connections to my children even before their birth, I wondered if other mothers had the same experiences.

As I reached out to other women, women in my car pool and my children's play groups at my church, I learned that the pre-birth experience or the announcing dream occurred with all people. As a busy mom I prayed about writing a book. I was prompted to do a simple thing—to be a gatherer—a gatherer of evidence and stories that support the dignity, the spiritual dignity, the physical dignity and every other kind of dignity of the unborn child.

As I published my books over the years, I realized that these stories were changing hearts, not only the hearts of those who have the experiences, but of people who read about them—readers’ hearts were changing to bond with their unborn children. It was then that I really saw the purpose of the work the Lord had given me. These accounts and stories served as evidence against abortion and supported the right of the pre-born child. What a unique way to teach, to share in a loving non-threatening way, the beauty and treasure of children.

Easter-laura and samAfter many years of hearing, recording and listening to innumerable accounts, a new category emerged and began to fill up a file in my desk, the aborted ones. I called them “castaways”. I was hearing stories of abortion from the children themselves, in many cases.  Mothers were telling me about children they almost aborted (almost castaways), and the treasure the children became to them. Chapters and stories began to come together. Our first book The Castaways: Safely in His Arms, was published in 2000. We sold or gave away 10,000 books. There were many reports of children saved from abortion with this little book. In October of 2015 we were ready to publish our 15th Anniversary Edition. The Castaways: New Evidence Supporting the Rights of the Unborn Child has a few of the stories in the original Castaways and many more gathered since then. Come and listen to the castaways. They have their stories to tell.