What Happens to the Children?

IMGP5173_2What happens to children who are not born because of abortion?  When I asked this question in prayer, I did not expect to receive an answer. Instead, in a personal experience, I contemplated the sorrow of those who are denied life and aborted and was told I needed to write a book.

“You have the wrong person to do this,” I thought.  Although I tried, I could not pray my way out of this assignment, and proceeded on as I was asked.

What I have discovered may surprise you, touch your heart and forever bind you to the pre-born child. Sharing this new book with others may possibly save the life of a child. I know this because I have had many people write or call me and tell me about children who have been spared abortion because of the original book, The Castaways.  Some of these stories are in the new edition of the The Castaways.

After many requests, I wrote the 15th Anniversary Edition of The Castaways with many new accounts and updated research. 

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Alicia: I desperately Sought Guidance from God

A Life Is Spared

A Child's Song

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